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Recent advancements have made carbon fiber nearly equal in strength to aluminum, but these innovative technologies typically come at a high price. For when durability, strength, and budget are the top three things on your list for new wheels, nothing beats aluminum as the material of choice. With this in mind, we set out to create an alloy disc wheelset that features many of the desired qualities found in a carbon wheel, like low weight, stiffness, and a clean aesthetic, but with the durability to train and race both on- and off-road. In the end, our SLX 24 Disc wheelset came out as a lightweight, durable wheelset that’s ready for whatever you throw at it.

The wide profile of the SLX 24 Disc is what really sets them apart from others in the same weight category. Here, most wheels are much narrower internally, a flaw that impairs a proper tire/rim match, but the 20mm internal rim width of the SLX 24s have them pair nicely with road and ‘cross tires alike. This match allows for lower rolling resistance due to the ability to run lower pressures and wider tires. Lower pressures with wider tires and rims is somewhat of a new concept, but can greatly improve ride quality and performance. Wide rims allow for more air volume in the tire, and with more air, less pressure is needed to have the same resistance to pinch flats. This provides you with a suppler ride without the risk of flats both on- and off-road.

On the performance side of things, less pressure equates to less rolling resistance via the tire soaking up road imperfections rather than bouncing over them. When too much pressure is in a tire, without realizing it, your bike will ever-so-slightly spring over road imperfections, wasting precious watts—but lower pressures soak up these bumps and keeps your power strictly for forward movement. Less pressure also dramatically improves grip, inspiring confidence when the road gets twisty.

Even with a budget-friendly price in mind, we made sure not to compromise quality with the build. We start with 24-millimeter-deep rims that are constructed of high-quality aluminum alloy that offers both low weight and incredible durability. The use of quality alloy sets the tone for the rest of the build—quality. We hand-lace our rims to the same aero disc (AFD) hubs that you find on our top-end carbon models via 24 DT Swiss Competition spokes, resulting in a respectable 1515-gram wheelset. Building wheels by hand is a practice that’s becoming scarce, but being fully invested in making the best wheels means that we know hand-built wheels provide a level of quality unmatched by machines. Machines miss little discrepancies that humans catch, and these are the flaws that make the difference between a good and a prestigious wheelset.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense wheelset that you can race and train on with equal aplomb, without worrying about reliability, look no further than our SLX 24 Disc wheelset.

  • Rim: Fusee Alloy Clincher,700c, Disc Brake, Tubeless Compatible
  • Rim Details: 24mm Depth, 23.5mm External Width, 20mm Internal Width
  • Hub: Roval AFD01/AFD02, DT Swiss 350 Star Ratchet internals , 100x12mm & 142x12mm, QR compatible, (Convertible freehub )
  • Bearing Type: DT Swiss Sealed Cartridge
  • Spokes: DT Swiss Competition Race, F: Two-cross/Radial (2:1) 24 count, L: 284mm/278mm, R: One-cross/Two-cross (2:1) 24 count, L: DS 278mm NDS 284mm
  • Nipple: DT Swiss Hex Prolock Al 2.0x14mm
  • Tire Size: 22mm – 38mm; Max Pressure: 130 psi
  • Weight: Wheelset 1,515g
  • Assembly Method: Hand built at every step; to the last nipple turn.
  • System Weight Limit: 240lbs / 109kg; Extras: Roval steel quick-release, QR endcaps, Roval tubeless valve